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Conveyancing - Buying a New Build

Buying a new build property can be fraught with pit-falls for the unwary.  You may be under time pressures from the developer and builder, you may also be benefitting from a government scheme to assist you with the purchase alongside your mortgage, the property may not even be built yet!

As with all our work we will always give you a clear indication of costs as the outset of the transactions and go through the various stages of the transaction to ensure you have a clear appreciation of what is involved in buying a new build property.

We go through all the documentation supplied to us by the developer or builder’s conveyancer to ensure that the property is built in accordance with planning permissions and legislation, specifications you have agreed with the developer and above all in accordance with building regulation requirements.  We also ensure that the property has the benefit of all necessary rights of access and services – roads, water, sewers, drainage, gas and electricity.  The builder or developer may also offer a warranty scheme and we will explain the nature and benefits of this.

The builder may also offer various incentives and we will ensure that these are disclosed to your lender so that your mortgage conditions and requirements are met.

You may also be benefitting from one of the current government schemes to assist you financially with your purchase.  We will explain the conditions to you and what you will be required to do.